• Superior realtime visualization.

  • Fast, modular and efficient.

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  • Introducing Optima: Analysis for quantitative trading.

    Optima is an essential tool for visualizing the performance of equity trading strategies. Designed for hedge funds and private equity firms, it enables traders, quants, and fund managers to analyze strategies and monitor intraday trading.

    Realtime profit statistics.

    Data drives decision making, but how are you viewing your data? Spreadsheets and database queries add risk and complexity; most internally developed and third-party tools are clumsy or expensive.

    Main Optima Viewer window

    With Optima you can view instantaneous profit/loss, order flow, and aggregate statistics for an entire fund, specific strategies, and even individual orders. All data, both historical and live, is easily accessible from a single user interface.

    Fast, integrated charting.

    Optima lets you monitor strategy performance in realtime or view intraday charts for the current or any previous trading day.

    Graph any value which varies with time. No more manual workflows requiring multiple applications.

    Example Optima chart

    Optima eliminates time-consuming steps often required to navigate data and visualize trends—shortening your reaction time and allowing you to focus on critical tasks.

    Find what works.

    Optima's built-in search tool provides shortcuts to help you find the most profitable trades and strategies during any period of time.

    Optima Search window

    Custom filters let you perform advanced searches based on criteria such as fill percentage, market value and more.

  • Engineered for every investment firm. Perfect for yours.

    Optima is scalable, high-performance software which integrates seamlessly with any infrastructure.

    Designed for diversity.

    Different firms use different technologies. A one-size-fits-all solution won't work unless it's built with this in mind.

    Optima software topology

    Optima is infrastructure agnostic and will easily connect to your market data source and OMS. Administration is painless and simple.

    Highly optimized.

    Optima processes hundreds of thousands of market messages per second, instantly recalculating to display the most up-to-date information possible. The Optima server running on even a modestly equipped workstation allows many simultaneous users to view both live and historical data.

    Optima Server performance specs

    Platform independent.

    Many competing solutions run on only one operating system. The Optima server and graphical client run on multiple platforms—so you'll use the same software on Windows, Unix/Linux, and Mac.

    Optima also relies on robust, industry standard open-source technologies that won't tie you to proprietary frameworks.